Advanced Player Development Memberships

New for the 2018 season, the Chicago Mudcats Advanced Development Membership Program, is designed for serious, motivated and accountable baseball and softball players looking to work hard and further develop their skill set. This 20-week intensive training program - which includes Arm Care & Velocity Development, Hitting Development, Fitness Development & Position-Specific Development - will help these serious players build the solid foundation required for excellence and success on the field.

Interested families must register and purchase 20-week “memberships” for their players to participate in the program. Members can come as many days as they like to during designated program hours, or as little as once a week. Players can stay for one hour, or for the entire three hours - it is up to each individual. Mudcat coaches will be on hand to work with members on focus areas (described below) during designated hours. Additionally, all parents are required to sign a medical and media waiver (see below) prior to a player participating in any Clinics. Players will not be allowed to participate without a completed waiver on file.

The Chicago Mudcats Advanced Player Development Program is designed specifically for 12u through 18u baseball and softball players who are SERIOUS, SELF MOTIVATED & ACCOUNTABLE and is open to both Mudcats and non-Mudcats.

Mudcat 20-Week Membership Fee | $600/player                                                              

Non-Mudcat 20-Week Membership Fee | $1,200/player 

Focus Areas

Arm Care & Velocity Development

Arm Care & Velocity Development is for the serious baseball/softball player who is dedicated to working hard to develop increased velocity and improved arm health. This clinic is not just for pitchers, but for all players who want to add velocity to their game and increase their stamina and decrease recovery time.

The Mudcat Arm Care & Velocity Development program is based on the Driveline Youth Velocity Development Program which includes:

  • Mobility and stability training 
  • Mechanics work, including arm path and body movement efficiency
  • Strength training
  • Overload-underload training
  • Video and radar analysis

Hitting Development

Hitting Development is designed to provide players with a true understanding of their swing, which in turn, leads to success at the plate. Utilizing a combination of video analysis, Zepp Sensor, and Rapsodo Hitting, coaches will develop personalized hitting development plans for each player increase bat speed; ensure proper bat path; increase launch angle; and increase exit velocity.

Mudcat Hitting Development programming includes:

  • Mobility and stability training
  • Mechanics work utilizing tees, front toss and live batting practice
  • Strength training
  • Video and radar analysis

Fitness Development

Fitness Development is designed to maximize athletic performance on the field and minimize injuries. In 2016, the Chicago Mudcats formed a partnership with Dr. Austin Schroeder D.C. and Aligned Modern Health to assist in designing appropriate and safe training programs for our players. As part of Fitness Development, Dr. Schroeder will conduct baseline screening assessments to identify issues with participants functional movement and design plans for fitness training.

Position-Specific Development

Position-Specific Development is designed to help players further specialize in defensive positions. There will be three focus areas: Pitching (mechanics, arm path/circle, bullpens); Catching (framing, blocking, throwing); and Infield (footwork, glove work, reaction time).

2017-18 Advanced Player Development Memberships

Fall/Winter Dates: October 2, 2017 through December 30, 2017
Fall/Winter Days/Times: Monday-Friday 5pm to 8pm
Saturday 11am to 2pm
Summer Dates: June 25, 2018 through August 9, 2018
Summer Times: Monday-Thursday 11am to 2pm
Cost: $600/Mudcat
Location: The Creek | 2932 N. Campbell Street | Chicago, IL 60622

REGISTER HERE for Advanced Player Development Memberships

CLICK HERE to complete the Medical and Media Waiver

Please print and sign the waiver and email it to or have your player bring it with them to the first day of the clinic.

Players will not be allowed to participate without a signed waiver.