Winning Isn't the ONLY Thing - Keeping Baseball in Perspective

Winning Isn't the ONLY Thing - Keeping Baseball in Perspective
By Coach Adam Kubes, Do It Right Baseball


Baseball is fun. Winning is OK tooAs one of the younger instructors in the program, I have an easier time remembering playing the game before travel ball, high school and recruitment tapes.

FULL DISCLAIMER:   Travel ball, year round focus, proper nutrition, full parental support AND great instructors are a complete necessity for the athlete that wishes to one day take his or her talents outside of the City of Chicago.  I believe this wholeheartedly and know there is no greater place to be than in the hands of Stringer, Platt, Bach, Alamo and ALL the other coaches in Do It Right’s community.

Having said that, I believe the majority of little human beings I see running around the bases at Hamlin and Horner on those beautiful summer mornings are just there to have fun and remain active.  The children whom we are so lucky to watch are not necessarily the next Bryce Harper, even when they go 7-8 in a double header!  And they know that…

But why do they keep playing?

For some, baseball is their favorite sport, not necessarily their future profession.  Some children are forced to put down a good book they are captivated by so they are not late to practice.  Some children are busy running around their block looking for lightning

bugs and have to hurry back inside to change before their first night game at Hamlin.   And that’s beautiful…

For others, baseball is a secondary sport. The Northwest Side of Chicago is home to a lot of terrific young hockey players.  Other areas have soccer and basketball players that play baseball to remain social and conditioned in their off-season.  Super smart if you ask me…

Why get lessons and develop short-term goals?

We tend to gravitate towards things we are good at…as well as new and shiny objects.   I have worked with many young children who just simply wish to gain a bit of confidence while they are out there PLAYING a GAME with their friends.  As a future educator, nothing brings me more joy than seeing the light bulb go off in a child’s mind.  Many children come to me feeling a bit down about their experiences and abilities.   The slight alteration made in their actions (how to treat their gloves, body positioning, pitch selection, throwing mechanics, etc.) can have the greatest impact on their

experience WITHOUT raising expectations or pressure.   This is why I am in the business of helping youngsters.  To raise confidence in a stress-free environment.    I have watched countless…as some coaches/parents would call them, “9 hitters”…CHILDREN get one extra hit, run the bases a bit more efficiently and use their bodies keep the ground ball from rolling onto Damen after just a few lessons and confidence boosts.  There is no greater smile.  ….on both of our faces.

Please help your young athlete set realistic goals.   
We all want to 
be great….but we want to be great in our OWN way.